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Roasted Granulated Garlic - 3.0 oz

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Good home chefs love the flavor of fresh garlic. That doesn't mean that dehydrated garlic doesn’t play a vital role in their kitchen. In fact, over the last 25 years, garlic consumption is up more than 1,000% and the average American consumes more than 3.5 lbs. each year. 75% of all garlic consumed in the US is in the dehydrated form. Fans of garlic know how amazing roasted garlic is so we picked up this roasted granulated garlic to add that “roasted punch” to your favorite dishes.

When and Where to Use

Most recipes calling for dehydrated garlic are looking for granulated garlic. It can also be substituted for fresh garlic in recipes where the flavor of garlic is called for, but you don’t necessarily need the texture.

When using our roasted granulated garlic, full flavor is achieved in about 20 minutes but you can notice roasted garlic flavor in a much shorter amount of time. Granulated garlic is more easily dispersed than garlic flakes and provides more bulk and thickening than powdered garlic.

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